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“Do what you love, and Let’s Color Our Life”.

Creative & Worthy, Then Money Will Follow.


Glad you are here 🙂

I invite you all to learn with FUN a NEW Thing in CREATIVE Business & SELLING.

Can’t draw or paint? It’s ok. You can look for some FREE images from website providing the free images that you can use.

Take advantage of tools or materials that are around you. Be creative. Find out the ideas and turn them into valuable items to sell. But better if you LEARN before. 


Wealthy Affiliate in 2021.

Learn Drawing, or Painting with:

Irina TrzaskosIrina

Michael Wasabi

Zuki. C

 There are many ways to design and to produce something for sell. 

These designs will be print on many products on Zazzle and some P.O.D. Marketing. 

Everything we do is about love,

works with fun at home,

so, “do what you love” and “let’s color our life”

Desain Grafis Header oleh Sylvia Jmp

Who We Are:

I’m an ordinary mother, A designer of my garbage art by night and a worker by day.

What We Do:

We design art on some product selling and help you building Success Business websites.

“HF & BFF” collections.


Having Fun/ HF, and Best Friend Forever/BFF collections.

Silhouette design has become one of our hot Themes this month with several collections like Having Fun/ HF, and Best Friend Forever/BFF. We also still have the sweet older collection like Bamboo, Rose, and the Blue Wave to warm your room decoration and to cheer up our day.

You will find our design on products like t-shirt, Hoodie jackets, Wall-decor, Thrown Pillow, tote-bag, How to make money without a blog? or make a free blog and earning? And soon we will add more. Please enjoy our website.

4 Replies to “Check SJ Chic Store”

    1. Thank you so much, I’m glad you love it.
      If you want it, you can click the store ->the August Edition post, and get it directly on Zazzle.
      And you can add your own word on it, or you can request a painting theme by sending a message through the chat.
      Well, I think I will paint something that might you will love.
      So, please come again next time and Happy Shopping 😀

  1. Very nice work you presented here. I especially like two pillows, both with a tree and silhouettes of two people. Are these painted on silk? I have a friend who paints silk shawls, so I have quite a collection and I like them all. What about hoodies? What material are they made of that you can paint on it? Do you plan to paint shawls or frameable pictures, as well?

    1. Hi Kerryanne,
      Thank you, I’m glad you chose it.
      Please click the store ->the August Edition post, and get it directly on Zazzle.
      And you can add your own word on it by sending a message through the chat.

      This painting is not painted right away on it, but it will be printed on.

      There are several choices for pillow materials, namely polyester, and cotton, zipper/zipperless style, and outdoor materials.
      If you want this painting printed on the silk pillow, you can contact/chat Zazzle directly, because I only designed it, and I’m glad to see you have a collection that you love 🙂

      For hoodie decoration types: printed, embroidered, and all-over-print available.
      Types of fabric for hoodies, available in cotton, blends, Sweat-Wicking, polyester, and organic fabrics.
      There is no mention of silk material there, but I think they provide it for special orders and you can request it directly by clicking the tab of chatting above that will connect you to Zazzle.

      Well, I would love to satisfy my customers, and I will paint the requested theme. So, how can I serve you?

      Please come again to our next design and happy shopping 🙂

      Kind Regards
      Sylvia Yuchinta

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