Home Based Business.

Home Based Business is about what kind of home-based business would succeed, and which one will match with you.

A home usually for a stay a family who love and take care of each other. And home-based business in similar ways needs its path, or it just named because the business begins from a home-based, a room to keep the crabs away of our comfort rooms. Home-based business seems like only a small business around in the family. Whatever it is, it would gain money as a result.

Teens and kids as a member of home-based businesses would offer their creativity by crafting and coloring on something they really like. Is it illegal? No, if they make it with fun and realizing they will get the compensation. It would be a fun and amazing atmosphere there. Working together in drawing, painting, cooking or play our game favorite ones.

What kind of business would be matched with you? To answer this question you should answer these questions first like, Who are you? What’s your hobby? What’s your habit? What your expert field? the answer to these questions is your direction of about what kind your home-based business would be.

The Hobby Based Business.

So your hobby may become your business, like a puppy lover, a bonsai lover, a clothes designer, a style designer, a carve carpenter,  crafter, a painter, a coffee maker, a candy maker, a bake maker, a gaming maker, a storage maker, an equipment maker, a website builder, a training maker, a photography, an art maker of the recycle things or just to refer a friend. These lists will endless. Many ways to make money as your hobby and online marketing are the effective one of the alternatives for your hobby-based business journey. You may have a job working at home and have more time with your family.

Open the Store.

You may sell your product at Business Google, eBay Store, Amazon Store, or Bukalapak and Lazada. Most of them give you a free store online, which you may manage your product to sell and gain your money, then gain your ROI at the next level. ROI, or return on investment, is a common business term used to identify past and potential financial returns. It represents the financial benefit received from an investment. Basically, it’s a measure of what you get back compared to what you put in.

Affiliate Business.

Selling your products directly sometimes not easier as it sounds. It needs initial big funding to start out, but with affiliate business, you may go on with a smaller cost. Begin your first step business with an affiliate business is the smartest way to saving some funds for your next planning in business. Having fun and gain money.

Find Your affiliate

Many articles suggest you go on with Amazon Associates Affiliate, Awin, Etsy,  and sums of top affiliate names and it’s wouldn’t wrong to try out. But you may look for yourself to query at Google Search. I’ll show you quickly, you just need to type “your hobby+affiliate” after click enter, the affiliate list you look for will appear, and you can pick it by register on their website and so on.

Affiliate With No Required A Site.

Some of the affiliate programs no required a website. I do not suggest you haven’t a website, but to begin your business with limited cost, is the best alternative you may have. You may give your shoot @Zazzle Affiliate.

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Make Money Online.

Do you want to make money? ZAZZLE offer you 3 FREE and EASY Way to make money online. Learn more about these amazing option! A DESIGNER, A MAKER, OR AN ASSOCIATES.

With Zazzle, the possibilities are endless. More than 200,000 patterns are available, and customers can take an existing design like an American flag or a soccer ball and embed a photo or a name

Zazzle is offer you =======>

As A Designer

Artists, Graphic Designers & Photographers As a Zazzle Designer, you can do what you love without any hassle of fulfilling orders or dealing with customer service. We do that part for you!

  • Upload and sell your artwork on hundreds of our products for FREE
  • We manufacture and ship your products with no hassle to you
  • Set your own royalty rates between 5% and 99%
  • Reach more than 30 million shoppers worldwide

As A Maker

Makers & Manufacturers. If you’re a Maker that produces quality made-to-order customiszable products, then join our platform!

  • Reach millions of customers
  • Easy upload tool for customizable products
  • Hassle-free shipping and we provide the labels
  • Manage your orders easily with our order management tool

As An Associates

AssociatesAnyone can earn money by promoting Zazzle products

  • Earn 15% per sale + volume bonus
  • Choose from millions of products
  • Promote any page on Zazzle including brand partner designs from Disney, Hallmark and more

As a Designer, by selling your artwork on products in the marketplace with the Zazzle Designer Program. – As a Maker, by manufacturing or making physical products and selling them. After opening your free account, you need to set up a Zazzle store.Then, you can start creating products and posting them for sale.

What and who is Zazzle?

Zazzle is a marketplace of custom products created by, designer selling their art and makers showcasing their customizable products, launched in 2005 and based in Redwood City, California, Zazzle has grown from a Silicon Valley startup to an international brand with multiple offices and manufacturing facilities. Zazzle’s mission is To Give People The Power To Make Anything Imaginable, and Proprietary Technology Enables Individuals and Professional Artist To See Exactly How The Final Product Will Appear Before The Product Is Even Made. Major Brands including Disney and Warner Bros. Offer billion of unique products for customers worldwide. At Zazzle, We believe that everything we do is an expression of love because life’s special moments deserve more than off-the shelf products.

So what you wait for? Let’s going on to join Zazzle Community today!

I’m so love, if I can help you find a way to make money. Hope this can work to you, and if you have to say, please I want to hear from you. Thank you and good luck!

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My painting collection is based on the theme of Chic Flower Warm Your Home In Fall Collection which reflects a cheerful spirit in your home and your heart. I believed everything we do with love and caring. I gratitude that I gain my way, my desire and the chance to inspiring and be inspired. At this page, I introduce you my Chic Flower painting, which coloring with acrylic paint. This page mentions the description of each product I personally collect from the store, and some took an image from my painting with acrylic paint and oil paint.

A Chic Flower Decor Set

Chic Flower Bamboo Desk Lamp

Chic Flower Desk Lamp is reflecting a cheerful spirit for your living room, office room, study room or kid’s room decor with a chic flower style. It’s perfect for anyone who loves a chic flower style. I personally took this image from the original my painting by acrylic paint.

Girly Watercolor Blush Pink Roses Nursery Decor Accent Pillow

This feminine design features gorgeous watercolor blush pink roses with gold leaf accents Matching items available in our store!

Shabby Chic Vintage Pink Princess Girl Baby Swaddle Blanket

Adorable vintage pink princess baby blanket with sweet baby princess on a pretty pink floral shabby chic rose background. You can add text to personalize this sweet pink princess baby blanket.

Watercolor Pink Blush Floral Baby Shower Welcome Plaque

Watercolor Pink Blush Floral Baby Shower Welcome Table Plaque

Chic Flower Pillar Candle

Chic Flower Pillar Candle is cute and warm with cheerful spirit for lightening you.

Chic Flower Dinner Acrylic Paint Set.

Chic Flower Dinner Plate

Chic Flower dinner plate is a chic and cheerful spirit. It’s perfect as decor and party supplies, like a garden party, birthday party, or some casual party. It’s perfect as a special gift for her, your sweetheart, wife, daughter, mom, niece, grandmom, friend and anyone who loves a cheerful spirit style. I personally took the image from my painting with acrylic paint.

Chic Flower Soup Mug is a cute and cheerful spirit. A perfect setting for dinnerware. I personally took an image from my painting with acrylics paint.

Chic Line Flower Short Table Runner

Chic Line Flower Short Table Runner is simple and cute with flowers.

Chic Flower Pillar Candle

Chic Flower Pillar Candle is cute and warm with cheerful spirit for lightening you.

Chic Wood Flower Waiter’s Corkscrew

Chic Wood Flower Waiter’s Corkscrew is a cute original wood. Chic Wooden Waiter’s Corkscrew is cute, feminine and elegant with a fillet flower in front and a wooden style at back. It’s perfect as a special gift for her, who loves a classic wooden with a feminine fillet flower on the other side

in front side.

At back side.

Bamboo Decor.

The Native Bamboo Wooden Style for the living room

Chic Bamboo Wood Desk Lamp

Chic Bamboo Wood Desk Lamp is cute for your living room, office room, study room or kid’s room decor with a native bamboo style. It’s perfect for anyone who loves a native bamboo style. I personally took this image from the original bamboo.

Bamboo Kitchen.

Chic Bamboo Serving Tray

Chic Bamboo Serving Tray. The perfect accessory to anyone, any person, men, and woman. Chic Bamboo Chic Bamboo Trifold Wallet is a cute native tropical fashion. I personally took an image of bamboo wood from the original bamboo.

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Special days when we need to show our love and care, maybe with something cute or adorable gift as a special telling on a simple magnet like in SJ Chic Collection, will become a solved alternative, you may give your shoot here at SJ Chic Store @Zazzle

Your Refrygenrate” Accessories

Chic Marble Blue Light Motivational Magnet.

Chic Motivation Magnet in bright marble blue light color reflects the spirit in its bright colors. Its face of my refrigerator, blue light marble, This magnet is very special and really cute, inviting to do one great thing today. Perfect as a cute gift to encouragement, caring, and concern your love ones.

Chic Green Magnet.

Chic Green “Just Ask, I”ll be there” Magnet, the expression of care & concern~Keeping in touch~ suite for anyone.
Its face of my refrigerator, mint marble, This magnet is very special and really cute, inviting to do one great thing today. Perfect as a cute gift to encouragement, caring, and concern your love ones.

Chic Green Marble Stone Magnet

Chic Green Marble Stone Magnet, So elegant and so special. I personally custom colors pitch and choosing luxury wedding text on it. It’s perfect as a cute gift Wedding Announcement.

I personally designing the media with add an image of my green marble face’s refrigerator at home and modify it by filter tool in photo apps belong Google, it can change the color from green to the other color, so cute.

Elegant Purple Gifts Magnet.

Elegant Purple Gift Magnet is special with background Royal Purple color and the luxury Black letter Outline Monogram on it. Perfect as a gift for the engagement announcement.

Thank you if you still here at this point, please going on your searching to my store SJ CHIC. @Z

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SJ Chic is the place where you may find a Simply Chic Style and cute things that you will loved. Chic Flower Warm Your Home and Your Heart in Fall Collection is The special collection, which endless till a New Year day. Days when we need to start out again, day to remain us, day to share our love and care. Day when togetherness happened. Even anyone no family would welcome, so everyone may fell happy and joy for attend in this world.

I find and try create some cute magnet to bring cheerful on your refrygenrate’s face. Perfect as a special gifts that are suitable for certain moments for people we care about and close relatives or friends. Just check it, maybe it suits to you in Accessories Collection, and more, Enjoy!

Refrygenrate Accessories.

Accessories collection is a chic and cute designing special for you. The best thing of this product, you may add your own favorite image or word. Please check it out and find more at SJ Chic Store.

Chic Flower Dinner Set.

Chic Flower Acrylic Paint is a cute and cheerful spirit reflected as a perfect setting for dinnerware. I personally took an image from my painting with acrylics paint. Please check it out and find more at SJ Chic Store.

A Chic Flower Kids Room Decor Set

A Chic flower lamp, pillow, blanket, candle for your love ones will give a new fresh atmosphere in your mind and heart. See our Chic Flower to your Chic Flower decor for your kid’s bedroom. Please check it out and find more at SJ Chic Store.

I wish to hear from you, anything to comment or just say hello. Thank you to come and see my website

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Blog and Start Write.

Most everyone needs money and try to find a job that matches their skills. Even those who already have a job, still need some extra money for their needs. How to make money. while jobs that are close around that are quite high competition. So, have a job working at home is everyone’s dreaming. Build an online business at the internet marketing or something like home based business. It is a great idea to have a job working at home online.

Having blogs as a way to make money is possible. You can read these things from your mobile phone or other devices. Many cute products be offered and so on the articles discuss about “How to make money online?” or something about “how to make an extra money?” and it usually toward to starting a blog.

Find Your Free Blog.

First, find your free blog! There so much choice you may pick, ones have a limited free period, but ones have free unlimite period time. Website that have a limited free period time like, WordPress, Squarespace, wix, Sitebeat, Mobirise, webnode, jimdo, strikingly, Im Creator, Typepad, Blogger, Yola, Site123, tumblr or Shopify. They give you a limit time to try their site before choosing it.

I’ve on Siterubix and Simdif for a while and published from my cellphone. It’s good site with no limit free period time. Ya, It’s totally unlimited FREE blog, no BS and not kind of “MLM” business, so you can leave it anytime when you wanna. Nothing to lose if you try it now and you get more knowledge instead. It’s up to you.

4 Ways To Make Money By Blog.

There are many way how you may earn money from your blog and I just tell you the best Ways To Make Money by Blogging for a beginner, but it’s up to you if you want to do more. These 4 ways to earning your blog is enough daunting if you do not do step by step, but you should try it.

~ Start a blog as your hobbies and make money ~

what is your interest and what is your hobby? these two things are really different. Your hobby is something you are used to doing with pleasure, but interest is more something that needs to be explored or sharpened. From there we will know which way our blog will go.

Let’s start with your hobby. You can start writing anything about your hobby. You don’t need to be an expert in writing, you just need to share a little of your unique or unusual experiences. So, you can start your blog now, learning about blog with fun.

If your hobbies about art, like drawing, coloring, painting, designing or a photographer, you may go with open store at POD (Print On Demand) Website like Zazzle or Society6.

~ Open the store to sell your product ~

You may open the store to sell your product after you know about how to blog. From there you can go to sell your products. Google Business is a free store and it’s for international market. Zazzle or Society6 are a free store too, and you need a payment card supporting the payment system to get your payment. But with a free Simdif acount, you may show your product and sell to local, because it’s not link with any payment system, and it’s good to announce your products.

~ Become an affiliates referal to friends ~

At this stage you need your own site. It’s mean you need to subscribe your domain name dan the hosting service. There many Affiliate Program out there you may choose which fits with you. But with Wealthy Affiliate, you can earning with a free website.

~ Make money by adding the ads on your site ~

Make money by adding the ads into your site is common, usually your provide site offer you ads, no matter which site you in. Most every site have this offering, you just to except it or not.

These short information is based on my experience and love to hear yours comment. Ok, thank you if you still here at this point.

The best Way To Learn A New Thing.

“Starting something new is not always easy, but with fun it is easier” This is my story. Having half a dozen family members will be enough to make you dizzy with all the mess and unclean houses and a thousand and one tasks as a mother or a father or as an eldest sibling, even if you own yourself that can make you overwhelmed. Especially if you are a single mom with many children, but that does not need to happen if there is a fair enough arrangement.

Before starting something new, you should expand your horizons about new things that you will enter. Preparations such as basic knowledge and gradual exercises to then advance to the next level.
New things should be things that you are interested in so they will be fun things to do. In this blog I try to provide an easy way for you to learn new things. Let’s dig further.

  1. What are your interests?
  2. If someone asks about a topic, can you answer it? If you can answer it with clearly explaining, GOCHA! You get it. It’s your!

Try combining these two things for choose what new things you have the opportunity to learn, with a greater chance of success.
This is the first step in learning the new things to find your direction.

The Best Tools For Writing Your Post.

Writing beneficial and interesting content is important for a blogger. There is no meaning if the writing does not have readers. Then, how to do it? There are some steps I can recommend so that you can more easily write articles to be published online.

English or Native Language.

First, what I recommend is to use English. If you want to have the opportunity to get readers, in this case, online readers, you should broaden your horizons by pouring your writing in English. Why? Because that way, more readers will be able to read it. English is an international language. This, especially concerning search engines, will be able to bring your writing to be more introduced to the world or vice versa.

If you only know and have a little ability to speak English, you don’t need to hesitate, because now many tools make it easier for you, so you can quickly learn in English while writing your interest. On this occasion, I did not discuss how to learn English in an easy and fast way, but I wanted to tell what tools I used so that I could do it. You should try it and hopefully it works for you too. The steps are as follows;

1. Google Translate; Write about what you want to write, in your native language, then you go to your Gmail account and open G translate, translate into English your writing by copy-paste.

2. Grammarly app: Next, copy your English writing to the Grammarly application, to transfer a better writing level.

3. Google Doc; Write it on G Docs, making it easier for you to publish your writing to your website.

This free service can be utilized only by having a Gmail account. With G Docs, you can create text, tables, checklists, letters, or presentations with images to suit your needs, even you are connected to enough large G Drive storage, without worrying about missing your document. You can access it from a PC, Android, tablet or even from your mobile phone. Really easy is not it?

I tell things that I have and still do, write the writing that I am interested in while improving my English skills. That is the effort I have made so far. If you have experience with similar topics, I hope you will share them with me. Thank you for reading my post.

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Chic design is a display of unique art representing a personal idea revives a cheerful spirit.

Today I paint flowers with some colors, combine between yellow and red, blue and green. I and my children paint some orange and blue flowers with acrylic paint. It’s really amaze and fun. Painting with acrylic paint is not easier than drawing with pencil. If you just a starting, you may start painting with tools to support you, like an acrylic paint pen.

How I Learn Painting by Autodidact.

I starting learn paint by drawing using pencil dan marker. It’s begin since I introduced pencil. Actually there’s many way how to learn your first painting and this my way:

  1. Knowing kind of paint; It is about what kind of paint that available at the nearby shop that you may to purchase it. I know colors pencil, marker and water paint for the earlier, but combined the oil paint and acrylic paint, is something would be a maze.
  2. Choosing the best quality of paint you choose; It’s two grand choice of the best quality of paint which you should to consider. First for student or a beginner in painting and second grand brand choice is for the actor of art. These choice usually based on it’s price with assume, a beginner is an initial step in painting by have many exercises first, before going on to the next level. So with a cheaper price one will suite.
  3. Choosing the media that you’ll paint on; The first media I paint on is on a drawing paper and it’s the best media for a beginner to start. The water paint need thicker drawing paper but acrylic paint would work well on the fabric, the glass or on the plastic media. The oil paint match on the canvas as it’s media. Note this, the oil paint is different with the acrylic paint.
  4. Explore colors by mixing any colors and find the varies colors you want to; At this step will very excited.I usually choose some colors and note it. Whatever the result, you just need to note it, so when you need it, you only open your note.
  5. Exercises your hand using a brush and paint; To adapt your pencil using habit to a brush, sometimes it’s easy but sometimes it would can hard and it means you need to wash your brush first before starting your exercises.
  6. Start to paint on your media; Before start it, you should have know the grand purpose of your painting and about what.
  7. Get the result of your masterpiece; And please note this, whatever your result of your painting exercises is, just never ruin it. If you did not satisfy of it at that moment, just leave it. Next time, with the other mood of your heart and mind, you will see it with different way.
  8. Publish to your site; To publish something you create to your site is need a camera. For a beginner, I suggest you to use an easy camera, which no need any skill for used it. An automatic camera.

Our Painting: Theme of Chic Flower Warm Your Home and Your Heart Collection.

This my line grand of “How I learn Painting autodidact”. Weather you are a beginner, a pro actor of art, or just a visitor, I believe deep in your heart, you know that you do it for some reason, curiosities, perfection, or just trial and better. You may have something to tell, I would love to hear it. Thank you.

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“Learn Throughout Our Life Journey”.

My father once said that “we will continue to learn throughout our life journey”. When we are still child, we must learn to say and understand the meaning of the words spoken. When school is at an advanced level, we must continue to study, even in old age. Nothing is eternal, but change itself is eternal “therefore, we must continue to learn to deal with these stages of change.

How does learning become fun?

Generally, people are fed up with the word learning, but no one can be blamed for this reaction. A person’s experience during school, which usually underlies these negative reactions. I am not a teacher, but I was once a student, even at my age, often I still have to be in a student position. So that I not only know, even I understand how a student feels. So, how does learning become fun? Learning will become fun when you can change setting your mind, and adapted to create a pleasant learning atmosphere in your own space.

I am a single mother with 6 children;

I am a single mother with 6 children. My first daughter is married and with her husband and 2 daughters. 5 boys still live with me now. Respectively aged 26, 20, 14, 12, 11 years and 9 years. Can you imagine how the mess conditions at home? There is no ivory that is not cracked, nothing is perfect. As long as you try to prioritize important things in your life, believe you will be easier to live with it.

Gradual and Consistent;

Like any organization, a family also needs coordination and cooperation. Trust and commitment with his/her words are important in personal formation. I am not discussing the personal formation of kids at this time. But all of that is also going through a gradual and consistent learning process every day. Every change that will be made is usually discussed first, so that it can be implemented and get support from all family members, of course, the form of support is based on the age and ability of children to carry out daily tasks. Wow! Sound too perfect? or boring lies?

Depending on the interests, character, and age of the children;

Actually what happened was not exactly the case. A child is still only a child with abilities according to their age and talent interests. Usually, younger children will greatly admire their elder siblings. Even though you are a very busy person, you can find out your child’s interests by talking directly or asking questions to his siblings. as well as evaluating homework assignments and schoolwork that has or has not been done, and what the reasons are. That way you can recognize the character of your child who is still progressing.

The Attitude You Should Emerge;

1. Patience:

To reach the stage as I mentioned above, you yourself must be able to control yourself so that you can remain patient and never have to shout when angry at your children. I prefer to cry when I’m angry and tired. Children will quickly imitate the behavior that is very impressive for them, so be careful!

2. Dare to apologize:

Not everyone can easily say it. If you can, say it. If you are not easy to say, you can show it with a special attitude, maybe by buying his favorite food or goods that are being needed.

3. As a friend:

I prefer to behave as a friend rather than behave as a mother. As a friend, there must be ethics. Learn to talk and comment with positive words rather than negative, and without threatening words. The attitude of scaring children should not be done. If you are forced to, it should be the last choice if there is no other alternative. Because it would be more fun if you can discuss openly with children in most topics of conversation. even about financial utilization. On the other hand. You will be surprised by their aspirational ideas, which may arise from your children.

4. As a team:

As a group of soccer players, sometimes there are those who advance and there are those who have to guard the goal, that’s the understanding that I convey to the children when I or one of us is not able to do activities. I want to stay healthy and be able to make money, especially to be able to support a better future life for my children, but life is not always sweet, so preparing some alternative plans, will still be better than nothing.

Its implementation;

Then how is the implementation? If you come to our house, don’t expect to find a neat and clean house, instead, lots of things are messy, or plates and clothes are piled up. Then what are the benefits of me behaving as I told above? There will still be benefits, especially when debates are not finished or there are cheats with the initial agreement. Children are still only children who sometimes feel bored and want new things that are fun according to their own version


Priority needs are the most important! The need for children to feel safe to do fun things at home. Simple things like being able to listen, to hear favorite music while studying or playing games at home. What about dirty dishes or dirty clothes? At the end of the week, we usually do it together, quite fun. Work while telling anything.

If you are already at this stage, you can already begin to create a pleasant learning atmosphere in your own home. My story is based on my own experience with my children. and intended only as a motivation purpose ~ Learning the best way.

~ Sylvia Juchinta ~

If you have your own story and want to share it with me, I want to hear it from you. Thank you and good luck.

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