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Contact Form To Email

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Contact Form To Email


To starting a mailing list, Contact Form To Email is a great one. It’s easy to understand and has many features and templates.  It’s pretty complete, primarily if your business field on traveling, hotel, or booking an appointment.

With Contact Form To Email, you can manage it wherever you want to put it, like in the post/ page on the website.

Contact Form to Email features:

  •  Email delivery & notifications
  •  Saves messages into the database
  • Export to Excel / CSV
  • Printable list of messages
  •  Visual drag and drop form builder
  •  Anti-spam captcha
  •  Field validation
  •  Printable reports
  •  One-click contact form
  •  Classic and ajax submission available
  •  Automatic email reports
  •  Supports GDPR compliant forms
  •  … and more features (see below)

The Contact Form to Email is a powerful and easy WordPress plugin to create contact forms and send their data email addresses.

Contact Form to Email also saves the contact form data into a database, provides printable reports, and the option to export selected data to CSV/Excel files.

They give you 14 days trial before decided to subscribe to their services.

Contact Form to Email Main Features:

  • Email delivery/notifications: The contact form data is sent by email to one or more email addresses. It also supports the configuration of auto-replies to the user who filled the contact form.
  • Form data saved into the database: Avoid losing submissions and keep a record of the received contact form messages.
  • Printable list of messages: Get the list of contacts received from the contact form within a selected date range and print it.
  • Export data to CSV/Excel: Export the contact form data to a standard format that can be used by other applications. Export the email addresses and other contact form data using date and text search filters.
  • Automatic reports: Provide automatic reports of the contact form usage and data entered into the form. Report on daily submissions and accumulative hourly reports. Printable reports for specific fields into the contact form. It helps you to understand your data.
  • Automatic email reports: Automatic reports sent to the indicated email addresses on a regular period.
  • Form Validation: Set validation rules for each contact form field. Keep your data clean.
  • Anti-spam protection: Built-it captcha anti-spam protection. No need to rely on external services for the contact form anti-spam protection.
  • Drag and drop contact form builder: A basic and easy to use contact form builder for customizing the form fields and form validation.
  • Customizable email messages: Specify the text of the contact form email notifications. Supports both plain text emails and HTML formatted emails.
  • Multi-language support: The contact form builder allows entering the field labels and validations in any language. It supports special characters.
  • Classic and Ajax submission: After clicking the submit button the user can be redirected to a “thank you” page or a “thank you” message can be displayed on the same form page without having to refresh it. This can be configured in the settings.
  • Enable/Disable notifications: Both email notifications to administrators and email confirmation to users can be optionally enabled or disabled from the settings area.

Contact Form to Email – More features

There are also commercial versions of the Contact Form to Email with other features not listed here that can get at https ://

Commercial version can be converted in a payment form/booking form with integration with multiple payment gateways: PayPal Standard, PayPal Pro, Stripe,, Skrill, Mollie / iDeal, TargetPay / iDeal, SagePay, RedSys TPV and Sage Payments. Payments are SCA ready (Strong Customer Authentication), compatible with the new Payment services (PSD 2) – Directive (EU).

Commercial version also features an ultra-powerful visual form builder, file upload fields, conditional logic, multi-page forms, WooCommerce integration, Mailchimp integration, Clickatell, and Twilio SMS integration, iCal attachments, signature fields to sign with the mouse or directly in the touchscreens.

Contact Form to Email Messages List

The messages list helps to check the past contact form submissions and print or export them. Includes a search/filter form with the following options:

  • Search for: Search for a text into the contact form messages.
  • From … to: Date interval to be included in the list/reports.
  • Item: You can have more than one contact form. Select here if you want to get the results of a specific contact form or from all contact forms.
  • Filter: Shows the list according to the selected filters/options.
  • Export to CSV: Export the CSV data according to the selected filters/options.

The CSV file will contain a first row with the field names and the next rows will contain one contact form submission per row, with one for field on each column. This way you can easily import the data from other applications or just select the columns/fields that you need (example: select only the emails). A CSV file can be opened and managed using Excel.

The list of contact form messages is shown below the search area. A print button below the list provides the messages list in a printable format.

The Contact Form Reports

The reports section lets you analyze the use of the contact forms and the data entered into them. The first section of the reports is a filter section similar to the one that appears in the messages list page. Below the filters section there are three graphical reports:

  • Submissions per day: The report will display in the point-lines graphic how many contact form submissions have been received each day in the selected date range. This report can be used to evaluate the contact form peaks and measure the impact of marketing actions.
  • Submissions per hour: The report will display in a point-lines graphic how many contact form messages are received on each hour of the date; this is for the total messages in the selected date range. This report can be used for checking peak hours and focus the support service on those hours.
  • Report of values for a selected field: Select any of the contact form fields and other information fields (like date, IP address, hours) to get a report of how many times each value has been entered or selected. This is very useful if your form is used as a poll to get feedback from users, it makes easy to generate a report on selectable contact form fields. This report can be used also to study the most common data entered in the contact form and get a better idea of your customer’s profile and needs.

A print button at the end of the page can be used to print the report of the values for the selected contact form field in a printer-friendly format.

Automatic Email Reports

The Contact Form to Email plugin allows the setup of two types of automatic (periodical) Email reports:

  • Global Email Reports: Can be set up below the list of forms. This report sends a report with the new submissions of all forms every specified number of days.
  • Form Email Reports: Can be set up on the settings page of each form. This report sends a report with the new submissions of the related form every specified number of days.

The reports are attached in a CSV / Excel file into the emails. In both cases, the destination email addresses, email subject, email text, and the report’s interval can be specified. More info available in the section “Other Notes”.

Language Support

The Contact Form to Email plugin is compatible with all charsets. The troubleshoot area contains options to change the encoding of the plugin database tables if needed.

Translations are supported through PO/MO files located in the Contact Form to Email plugin folder “languages”.

The following translations are already included in 60 languages in the plugin.

Contact Form to Email Updates

The plugin is currently over the 630,000 downloads/installations.

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