Landscape Painting Created

by Sylvia


Landscape Art Faux Wrapped Canvas Print
Landscape Art created by Sylvia JMP is a story about the green wild island on the equator line. Borneo Island.


This is one of my stories when I and many people out there have to stay at home and my cute cat always around me. The message that “I can see you from my Window”, delivered on this “Landscape and a cat” Faux Canvas Print.


“Sky above the Long Island in Indonesia” Faux Canvas Print is special. When the sky is colorful and looks beautiful, it is a special moment, which doesn’t happen every day.

Landscape – The autumn Tree” Faux Canvas Print
“Landscape – The autumn Tree” is a message of a new friend from Australian in May month.
“Landscape with Fisherman in the Canoe” Faux Canvas Printing is a description of the hard life of fishermen. Sometimes sky blue and soft water currents to console her heart.

Hey! How are you? What do you think about my painting above? I’m so much

Well, thank you so much if you still at this point. I’ll be happy if you are willing to give your best comment below.

Please come again, and find my art on the next time. Bye and keep safe.

Sylvia Jmp

I'm the owner of my artwork design on SJ Chic Store and I love to help you to learn it.

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