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Make Money Online Without Have A Blog

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Make Money Online Without Have A Blog


Works to make money, usually, something unfun, if there’s an intimidating inside. But home usually is someplace where we feel comfortable and fun. How could we combine that two things became something better? Yes, it was once my dream and still, I love to work from home, prefer, work from somewhere far from home.

What about you?

Works with fun at home is everything about making money and doing what you love to do at home.

Now, I want to tell you that you could make money without having a blog or a website.

Do you believe it?

YES! It’s true.

Make money online with Zazzle is one option you can choose on works with fun at home. Zazzle is a big marketing name Print On Demand marketing. Do you want to know what is Zazzle and what they offer? Learn more about these amazing options!

Zazzle offers you 3 free and easy ways to make money online.

1.  As A Designer| 2. A Makers | 3.  As An Associate

If you would like to join this affiliate program, you may click the blue words below. Hopefully, you enjoy it and have a great time. This post may contain an affiliate link. It means if you click on it, I will get some small compensation and no additional cost to you. If you do so, we appreciate your supporting Works With Fun! Disclaimer here. 

1. As A Designer:

Artists, Graphic Designers & Photographers
As a Zazzle Designer, you can do what you love without any hassle of fulfilling orders or dealing with customer service. They do that part for you!
Upload and sell your artwork on hundreds of Zazzle’s products for FREE
They manufacture and ship your products with no hassle to you
Set your own royalty rates between 5% and 99%
Reach more than 30 million shoppers worldwide

Turn Passion into a Paycheck.
Calling all artists, graphic designers, and photographers! Would you like to get paid simply for doing what you already love to do? Zazzle is a free marketplace that enables thousands of artists to sell their artwork to new audiences. Just upload your designs on any of the products and we do everything else from printing to shipping to handling customer service. Sell your artwork on hundreds of retail-quality products and set your own royalty rates. It’s easy and FREE!

How Designer Program Works
~ You upload your artwork and designs onto products
~ A customer likes your design and buys it.
~ Zazzle process transactions and handle all the customer service
~ Zazzle print and ship to customers
~ Zazzle send you payment for a percentage of the sale

How the Pricing System Works
You set your own margins and determine what you will earn from each sale. Choose any royalty rate from 5% up to 99% and Zazzle’ll increase the product price so you earn that royalty.
Base Price + Your Royalty Percentage = Retail Price

How to Get Started. It’s FREE!
1. Create a Zazzle Account
Create an account on Setting up your very own FREE Zazzle store where you can showcase all of your designs is easy. Register now
2. Open a FREE Designer Store & pick your store name
After you have created a Member account, you can create one or more stores by clicking “Create a store” under My Account.
3. Create a design
Choose a product that you want to add a design to. Next, upload your images or create text using the design tool, then arrange and resize the different elements of your design as desired.
4. Post your design for sale
Once you are satisfied with how your product looks, click “Post for sale.”
5. Start making money!
Each time your design sells, you earn money. With Zazzle’s “Name Your Royalty” program, you can specify how much you make on every sale of your products. No need to manage inventory or mess with customer service. Just create designs and Zazzle will do the rest!

Create a Zazzle Account As A Designer

2. As A Makers:

Makers & Manufacturers
If you’re a Maker that produces quality made-to-order customizable products, then join Zazzle’s platform!
Reach millions of customers, easy upload tools for customizable products, hassle-free shipping and Zazzle provide the labels and manage your orders easily with Zazzle’s order management tool.

join the Marketplace, built for custom and personalized products.
Seeking New Customers?
Need Streamlined Orders?
Use Images On Your Products?
Want Branded & Designer Content?

Traffic is important. Traffic becomes customers.

Millions of customers search for made-­to-­order products like yours on Zazzle, every day. Make the most of your potential and maximize your reach.

Search engine optimization and marketing, email campaigns, social media, a referral program with hundreds of thousands of associates – you name it, it’s all built-in. No code required

Zazzle is not a listing site. Zazzle is revolutionizing the supply chain for made-to-order goods, cutting out UPC codes and listing fees along the way. Using The Make Engine™, Zazzle you can show customers everything you are capable of making and take their custom orders directly. No outrageous shipping and fulfillment charges.

Zazzle’s Journey.

1995:  Pre-internet, brick and mortar retailers owned the customer relationship.
2000: Amazon’s warehouse predomination disrupts the traditional retailer.
Today: Zazzle empowers Makers to offer custom products while bypassing the warehouse.

UNLOCK Your Business
Cultivate Customer Creativity

Conveniently enable customer choice for every order with Product Customizers.

Boost Your Brand

Market directly to customers with a personalized storefront that looks good both at home and on the go.

Optimize Your Operations

Run your business efficiently with a comprehensive order management system and fully-integrated logistics solution.

No matter what you make, Zazzle has a customizer to match your needs. Mix and match to best fit each of your product lines:
~ Build
~ Showcase all your possible customization options
~ Offer the choice of options and enable customers to add their own images
~ Enhance customer choice with branded & designer content
~ No Listing/Monthly/Annual Fees
~ Personalized Storefront & Profile
~ Customizable Product Page
~ Mobile Retail App
~ User Text Input Limits And Controls
~ Graphic Design Tools Included
~ Receive Print Ready Images
~ Access To 600,000+ Award Winning Designers
~ Patented RealView™ Technology

1. Register
2. Add Product
3. Sell, Make and Earn.


Register As A Makers

3. As An Associates:

Anyone can earn money by promoting Zazzle products
Earn 15% per sale + volume bonus
Choose from millions of products
Promote any page on Zazzle including brand partner designs from Disney, Hallmark and more

Earn 15$ per sale
with the Zazzle Associates Program
Get paid a percentage of sales when you share Zazzle products on your blog, websites social media or via email.

3 Easy Steps
1. Register: Sign up in less than a minute
2. Share: Choose from millions of products.
3. earn: Get paid via Check or Paypal.


Program Details
Referral Payment 15% per sale
Volume Bonus Up to 17% per sale
Cookie Length 45 days
Minimum Payout $50
Payment Methods Check or PayPal
Refund Rate Less than 1%
Promotional Tools Banners, Link Building Guide & More!
Developer Tools RSS feeds and Create-A-Product API

To enroll in the program and start referring, click below.

Free Sign-Up As An Associates

Zazzles is also on ShareASale – Merchant ID 49310.

Zazzle promise 100% satisfaction. If you don’t absolutely love it, they’ll take it back! So, hopefully, this post will help out your wish to make money online at home without a blog.

I really appreciate it if you sign-up this affiliate program from the link on my website, or if you give me some words in the comment box.

Thank you so much, stay well, be safe, and good luck.

4 Replies to “Make Money Online Without Have A Blog”

    1. Hey Lena, thank you for stopping by, and I don’t get it why you looking for an associate program for toys, do you want to sell or buy the toys?

      you can sell the toys on Amazon, Etsy, Instagram, Fb, and Pinterest. I also find Johnnytoosh and 3dcart as an associate program for toys.

      But they a little bit different from Zazzle, you can find that Zazzle also sells toys with a unique design that you can choose which design or picture will be printed on it.

      Zazzle is the P.O.D/ Printed On Demand marketing platform. There are many products besides the toys. In Zazzle, you can personalize any product as you like. Maybe it’s a toy, but with a different design that you can choose, it becomes a special toy.
      I hope I can help you 🙂

      Kind Regards
      Sylvia Yuchinta

  1. Zazzle sounds like a great product to promote for me. I really like Disney products and I am sure I could find something great to promote. Nice article and thank you for the information!

    1. Hey Wes!
      I’m glad you liked it. You can join Zazzle freely as a designer, as a maker, or as
      association by clicking on the registration link mentioned above.
      I would love to have you join us at Zazzle, and I look forward to working with you 🙂
      Have a nice day, see you 🙂

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