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Success Stories With Wealthy Affiliate

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Success is Happening Every Day

On Wealthy Affiliate

What is your idea of success? $10/day? $100/day? $1,000/day, more? Each of these is absolutely possible.

Every day there are success stories posted on Wealthy Affiliate, whose website has just been launched, which ranks on Google, who just gets its first sale, which gets $ 100 from its first sale, the sale of a website or anything success stories in Wealthy Affiliate is everywhere you look.

If you looking for an opportunity to make money with blogging, I can say that you on the right place. This affiliate marketing has a unique community. It’s not like the other place!

My Story.

I’m honest to you, when I first time read this offering, I’m pretty skeptics, is it true or not? Fortunately, they give a free trial time, it’s for 7 days! but wait, what they need for the registration? just my name and my email address. No credit card required.

So I did sign-up for free. I get a Starter Member and get 2 free websites with no credit card required. In 7 days I’m glad and feel surprises of many things about this platform and I ain’t no techie.

The caring community that I need when I’m not sure how to do the task, the tools to support me to build my site, how I should write my articles, how to choose the right keyword, how to set my site, and everything how about building a site for the business base on my interest, that I get from this platform.

First thing, I got the caring of most people in this community. They welcomed me and give much useful advice on how to succeed to do the training. I’m joined Wealthy affiliate in August 2019 and now my site has over 1.000 visitors. I love this community. If you joining, you will know exactly what I feel.

The second thing is the tools supporting your training.  With several communication tools, you will get some help from another member who is an expert in their field, build a website, and business. You also may contact and ask advice to the owner of this platform, Kyle & Carson. They genuinely telling their experiences, so you can learn from their success.

Update things you have to know:

Since Corona issue, on March 16, 2020, there are upcoming hosting changes, WA will move to an updated hosting plan in preparation for several important launches in May, and the introduction of the independently managed WordPress Brand launched in Summer 2020.

This is what the hosting updates look like:

~ Beginner Membership: 1 Website, Previous 2 Website

~ Premium Membership: 10 Websites of All Types (NEW), Previously 25 Own Domains / 25 Free Websites

* * That other than those mentioned above, WILL NOT be affected by this change and you will be included in the existing hosting package.

You know, my trust in this platform grew after many attempts. They kept their word. Always there an answer to your questions, and always the helping if you ask. It got easier and easier with practice, read, watch, listens from the tutorial video provided in this training.

So, I suggest you try it first to check the truth of this platform. If you agree you may click here:

Or you may Learn More.  (This post may contain an affiliate link. It means I will get small compensation and no additional cost to you. If you do it, we appreciate you supporting Works With Fun! Disclaimer here)

While you introduced to the caring community and everything about the training, in 7 days, you will be offered to continue your training or not. There’s no push or trap. You free to decide. Absolutely it’s up to you!

Most people are interested in saving money on their membership and because of this I just wanted to mention that as a Premium member, you have the ability to upgrade to a yearly membership and save close to 40% on your membership fees?

It is only $359 for the year (works out to be $29 per month) and this is something you should consider if you (a) you are interested in creating more success (b) you want to commit to your success (c) you want to save close to 40%.

No urgency, but here is where you go if you want to get the annual membership. WA also takes into consideration your existing payment and that is used towards this upgrade! 🙂

If you become a premium member within 7 days you could take advantage of the 59% discount on the regular price of $49 for the first month. I’d pay only $19 for my first month, and because of my work by day, so I need more time to know Wealthy Affiliate to make my best decision.

You may pay only for a month of $19 at the first, and the next month you may choose to subscribe for 6 months or yearly membership.

You also need a domain and it becomes your own. It cost $11 – $14 /domain. After all of I mention above, you just need to pay the subscribe/yearly and no additional cost in the next year.

But you don’t need a domain if you are not ready. You have 2 (two) free websites when you first join WA.

Let me first say I don’t want to miss lead you in any way. There are people making money in days or weeks by properly investing in advertising. Nevertheless, the majority here with Wealthy Affiliate focuses primarily on making money by utilizing the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for free which will take a long time.

I strongly advise starting with the training lessons (1) (a Starter Member) which will explain and cover your wondering as well as give you a complete picture of exactly what you’d need and how to do it.

This platform not just provides the training for you but includes applying how to be a great affiliate, how to find and join the affiliate program and earn.

The best thing I can tell you that you can start to earn money while you do the training. How does it work? Simple! It’s worked by giving help and give comments to the member who needs it. *If you are good at doing it, you can pay your WA subscription from it. So, what you answer?

Ok, I will upgrade To Premium Member

Going WA Training will give you the tools you need to become a true success story yourself. Whatever you are willing to work for, Wealthy Affiliate can help you achieve it. *You just need to ask.

Click here to gain the access to your training in WA
Click here to gain access to the training in WA as a Starter Member.

Still not convinced?

Some success stories in Wealthy Affiliate members that you can check below!

Sonny from Toronto, Canada ~ Premium member of WA.

Sonny from Toronto, Canada.

About Sonny40: Joined September 2019 My first sale!

Last Update: November 02, 2019.

It's her success story : Your gal got her first SALE.HOOOORAY!

Basey as a Premium member.
She joins Wealthy Affiliate in Aug 2019. It’s her success story: Your gal got her first SALE.HOOOORAY!

Vibrant, fast learner, Mother, and a lady who loves our beautiful continent of Africa, the world and loves traveling for exposure and empowerment.

It's his success story: $40K in 4 Hours! Craziest Night Ever!

Jerry Huang.

as a Premium member.

Jerry Huang joins Wealthy Affiliate in May 2016 and this is his success story: $40K in 4 Hours! Craziest Night Ever!

He is a WA Super Affiliate | 21yo Full-time Affiliate Marketer | College Dropout | Laptop Lifestyle

her success story: Woohoo! First Sale On ClickBank! - April 2019 Income Report

Reyhana D as RDullo a Premium member.

Start join Wealthy Affiliate in Dec 2017. Lives in Ontario, Canada, Married, two kitty kids Jumper and Quinn (LOL)
Loves; Badminton, Swimming, Reading, Writing, Traveling

Reyhana D and her success story: Woohoo! First Sale On ClickBank! – April 2019 Income Report

The success story from Grace as Littlemama:  New Record: $1,300+ Per DAY! Affiliate Marketing. Works & Rocks! 

Littlemama  as a Premium member& Ambassador.
Grace as Littlemama, join Wealthy Affiliate in September 2016. She is a mom stay at home, mom of two girls & wife to an awesome man, living in the USA.
The success story from Grace as Littlemama:  New Record: $1,300+ Per DAY! Affiliate Marketing. Works & Rocks!  (7 August 2019).

Her success story Made 4 More Sales!
Heather Grace. as a Premium member.
Heather Grace and her success story Made 4 More Sales!
Heather Grace is a mom who stays at home with her 4 children, which are truly her life’s passion.
Before joining Wealthy Affiliate, she working life as a “slave” to corporate America and she held a Vice President job within a very large company and spent 50-60+ hours a week at the office, it was never her passion.

This is his success story: My Blogs Earned Over $100k Part-Time in 2018.
Eddy Salomon
as a Premium member.
Eddy Salomon join Wealthy Affiliate in June 2007.

Going Premium will give you the tools you need to become a true success story yourself. Whatever you are willing to work for, Wealthy Affiliate can help you achieve it. 

This is one moment in a year, it usually at the 4th week of November, and all of the members love this opportunity because it’s discount usually close 50% of the price. But it will gonna next time again. This is just a piece of information, you need to know.

Sign-Up Here to Get Starter member | Sign-Up Here to Get Premium member

Or Check it & Learn More here.

At this point, if you still with me … I want to thank you and please shoot me a comment or anything you wondering. Ok, have a great time and have a fun day. Bye!

6 Replies to “Success Stories With Wealthy Affiliate”

  1. Success is really another thing I joined Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve seen so many hard working people that achieved their dreams so I realized I could be the next success story. And although I still not have the success they had, I am quite happy with my current earnings which makes me strive for more each day.
    Awesome article by the way.

      1. Dear Sylvia,
        Thank you very much for your fantastic website that shows the cheapest and most effective approach to start up your own business which can grow gradually.
        Kind regards.

        1. Hi, Andrey.
          Most people are afraid of being cheated. Instead of checking the truth of an issue is the best way to find out the facts, that’s why maybe with a little encouragement to try it is good to do, especially if it’s free.
          Thank you so much for visiting my site, I really appreciate it.

          Kind Regards,
          Sylvia Yuchinta

  2. I’ve seen many people come and go in the world of Affiliate marketing. But I had never seen so many success stories in one place like I did when I joined Wealthy Affiliate. They say that to become successful you need to follow successful people and do what they did.
    I want to rephrase that and say, if you want to succeed at affiliate marketing, you need to join Wealthy Affiliate. There’s no better opportunity than this.
    Thanks for sharing.

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