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What Newest In August Edition

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August Edition


Hei, everyone!

What news in August Edition?

Let’s check it out the SJ Chic design for the August 2020 Edition.


Blooming Throw Pillow

Blooming Throw Pillow. I paint it to cheer-up myself, my children and you for a better living, like those flowers keep growing, shine, and blooming.
available on 3 styles.


Bamboo Fence Throw Pillow

Bamboo Fence Throw Pillow, with maroon as it bases color. The classic bamboo fence that painting with watercolor digitizes. It perfects to beauty a decor room.
available on 2 styles

Her Surfboard Throw Pillow

Her Surfboard Throw Pillow. It’s perfect as a special gift to her who loves surfing.
available on 3 styles

Wood Age Line Throw Pillow

Wood Age Line Thrown Pillow. Expressions of Blessings & Faith. This is classic art and elegant style. It is perfect as a special gift and matches any wood or cabin decor space.
available on 2 styles or 2 products.


Wood Age Line #2 Throw Pillow

Wood Age Line #2 Throw Pillow. Painting by watercolor digitize. It classic performance, and fit with wood decor room.
available on 2 styles


Rose flowers throw pillow

Rose flowers throw pillow is the desired symbol. It’s perfect as a special gift for a new couple or for an anniversary. It’s perfect also for anyone you care about.
available on 3 styles.



Bloom Rose Throw Pillow

Bloom Rose Throw Pillow is perfect as a special gift to deliver a special message to anyone you care about. You can add your own word as a message on the thrown pillow.
available on 3 styles


Water fairy throw pillow

Water fairy Throw Pillow. It’s perfect as a special gift to your little girl, to accompany her peaceful sleep. Water fairy. A good character from sea magic mystery fantasy. Legend story from the beach on the south island. Guardian of the sea who protects the sanctity of the sea and human son-daughters of men.
available on 3 styles

Girl Throw Pillow

Girl Throw Pillow. When your girl has no friend to be with her, this pillow is perfect as her special best friend.
available on 3 styles


This edition I made special for you who have a birthday in August and for you who have a special day too.

Please tell me what am I suppose to painting for you like something you like?

And I will be more than happy to read your suggestion or comment. Thank you and meet you in the next edition… Bye! Having fun shopping!

2 Replies to “What Newest In August Edition”

    1. Thank you so much, Ola 🙂
      If you wanna it, please click the picture of the pillow you choose.
      Then you will get it directly on Zazzle.
      Please let me know if you want to change or add something to it.
      So, please come again next time and Happy Shopping 🙂

      Kind Regards
      Sylvia Yuchinta

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